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Planning laws are in place to ensure proper land use and proper development (extension, loft conversion, conservatories, garage conversion etc.) and to protect the environment.

These goals are in everyone's interest. At the local level, the main purpose is to preserve the character and facility of the area by giving homeowners a reasonable option to develop their property.

Planning legislation is complex and comprehensive and is implemented through a comprehensive and democratic local government planning system.

It is accordingly highly desirable that you commission your architect or design consultant to take over your planning permission.

When Your Project Requires Planning Permission

Most of the development (extension, loft conversions) requires planning consent, although there are many kinds of alterations and extensions to the house that do not.

If your project needs planning permission and you proceed without the necessary permission, the consequences can be serious, you may need to remove the building or be involved in costly and time-consuming litigation that could subsequently affect the condition and value of your property.

If you are thinking of improving your home then start by assuming that you will always need planning approval, an architect to lead the proper design, contact the planning office at your local municipality, get the details of your proposed project for their suggestions, and official confirmation of planning permission.

House extension

-No planning permission needed, provided that the extension is not greater than 70 m3 or 15% of the existing house unless it is a terraced house in which case it should not be 50 m3 anywhere and in front of any wall facing a road or path that does not protect 10% of the volume of the existing house.

-Not higher than 4 meters, not higher than the current house within 2m of the border.


A garage is counted as an extension to the house as long as it is within 5 meters of the house, otherwise, it is considered an outbuilding.

New access

Permission is required for new access if it is on a classified route.

Outbuildings, Greenhouses, Sheds

- No permission is required if no part is designed in front of any wall facing the highway.

- Not built on more than 50% of the original garden

- It is not higher than 4m with a pitched roof and 3m with a flat roof.

Fences, Walls and Gates

No permission is required if it is not higher than 1m, next to a road or path, if the height is not more than 2m, if it is the border with only one neighbour.

If you are considering to improve your house, the alterations

The rules above may not apply if there is a list of buildings nearby or if it is in a special controlled area such as a house protection area.

If you have any doubts, always consult your planning department or your architect and seek professional advice.

For most household projects the two main categories of work that do not need permission that are

1-Internal alterations or works that do not affect the external appearance of the building

2-Permitted development

You do not need permission to alter or extend your house or build-up buildings if you are plans fall within the permitted development allowances.

Contact us to see whether your proposed development falls under permitted development rights or not. Also only internal alterations must be considered as it may solve your frustrations about your house.


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