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Do you really need a big/maximum extension? Is that the solution that is going to solve your frustrations in your living spaces?

Going for as maximum as you can is not always the best improvement in our houses. I see a lot of customers still not happy after a a huge extension is build, after all this money is spent.

The reason why is, an extension is an extension to a house, but it surely needs to blend with your existing internal structure and your existing habits and pieces of furniture that will be saved in your home.

In Moox Design Studio Ltd, before all the legal actions, we go for a "concept design" phase which is very vital and critical for planning your future house and living. We offer our clients various concept layouts with various window openings and sunlight factors, in different size of extensions with different budget demands.

We provide a pros/cons report, layouts, sections and even 3D animations (to make them understand the volume of space use), and deliver drawings that allow our customers to have them priced. So before they engage themselves in the planning application process, they know what their project is going to cost and how their new space-to-be will serve their needs.

To achieve your vision, we act as your leading consultants!

We can provide the concept design phase as a completely independent service, yet if you would like to proceed to the planning application phase with us, we apply 80% discount of what the regular price is. You may even decide to stay in the concept that falls under permitted development like many of our clients do so we directly proceed to the building regulations drawings.

You can see our 5 concept designs and 3D animation video in our previous post, that are generated in concept design phase of our current project that our clients have been considering on them for almost 1 month pros/cons, gains/compromise and budgetwise. Now they know what exactly they want, how much it will cost and what the project will deliver their lives. No hassle no frustration, no exceeding budget!

Contact us today to see the full potentials of your precious home that exactly meet with your needs with Moox Design Studio Ltd.

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