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St Albans Architectural Design of Family House Improvement

Our initial concept design of a new project in St. Albans! (Still loading...) An ingenious home internal alteration with a small extension for creating more quality spaces that meet the client's needs and lifestyle. When we met with clients and had the site survey, they were so confused about how to achieve their requirements. A big extension? A garage conversion? A massive building work? They thought only a major building work could solve their problems. A general preconception is that if you want to improve your home and solve house design problems, you need to add extra and a big space. I can say surely, NOT in every case. We advise clients to think about if they can get what they need without major structural alterations or massive additions. Remodeling your existing house design to add space internally is usually a more cost-effective and time-saving solution. It is generally possible to find the right space usage regarding the user's lifestyle and daily habits that can be rearranged into a house design and layout that is much more efficient and effective. And an additional benefit is by avoiding the higher cost of a massive extension you’ll have more budget for quality finishes and visually interesting features and furniture.

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